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Allied Waste / Republic Services “Recycle It” Campaign

Pavlik and Associates has been involved in all aspects of solid waste management and disposal including recycling and energy conservation initiatives, public relations, community relations and media relations. One of Pavlik’s highest profile projects has been entire series of websites which carry the theme “Recycle It” in their domain names. The strategy of this “Recycle It” campaign was to drive internet users to Republic Services’ core business services by first coming to a general recycling site. Websites were developed for various geographic areas in Republic Services’ South Region, including the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

As part of this general internet marketing campaign, Republic, working with Pavlik, initiated an e-commerce “green store” on the above referenced “Recycle It” pages. The green store showcases up to 22 unique T-shirt designs, all of which were created by the Pavlik team. These copyrighted designs are sold exclusively through Republic’s online green store. Pavlik is responsible for promoting sales through the internet and obtaining earned media to help bolster sales.


  • Republic Services strives to make recycling accessible, efficient, and environmentally sound, while being cost effective, in minimizing as much salvageable material as possible from entering landfills.
  • The Republic Services Education Center, located inside the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Houston, completed a floor to ceiling renovation in September 2008 using 100% environmentally friendly materials.
  • Republic Services owns and operates two single stream MRF facilities in the Dallas / Fort Worth market, one of which is the largest recycling facility ever constructed in Dallas County. This 78,000 sq. ft. plant had been renovated to process almost 6,000 tons each month from 21 municipalities as well as commercial and industrial cardboard and office paper in the greater Dallas area.
  • New Orleans introduced Single Stream Recycling for Business through a grand opening of its MRF.
  • States in the South region of the U.S. are implementing recycling programs such as:
    • Integration of solar technology to increase renewable energy output at its landfills. The company combined a first-of-its-kind solar technology with an existing biogas-to-energy system to turn its Tessman Road Landfill in San Antonio, Texas, into a sustainable energy park.
    • Through over 70 landfill gas-to-energy facilities, methane gas (which is naturally created at landfills) is captured and converted to create a renewable energy source.
  • Fleet Efficiency. With one of the largest fleets in the nation, a growing percentage of Republic’s fleet runs on cleaner burning b20 bio-diesel.

Agency Role

  • Develop, execute and coordinate a multi-disciplined approach to promoting recycling
  • Design campaign
  • Develop and execute an earned media program
  • Create Green Gear merchandize for e-commerce store
  • Resdesign introductory page to e-store


Republic continues to lead by example when it comes to recycling and operating within the communities being served.

  • – The landing page for the Recycle It campaign introduced the Recycle It mission and provided a map of participating states on the South region. Links to the Green Store and the Republic recycling commercial are also available. Pavlik implemented new page-peel technology to entice visitors to explore further into the website and choose a location in their state. (
  • – Pavlik styled an online introduction to the green gear portion of the green store to showcase the custom-designed t-shirt selection. In keeping with the campaign theme, Pavlik animated a centrally-placed graphic to rotate current, or upcoming, t-shirts to feature specials or holiday items. (
  • T-Shirts – Twenty two t-shirts were custom-designed by Pavlik exclusively for Republic’s green store. The shirts were professionally photographed for retail on the green store website.
  • Recycle It websites – Each location provides information about Republic’s recycling efforts that are unique to the area or region. Websites were completed for the following cities: Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Gulf Coast (including: New Orleans, Biloxi, Jackson, Mobile, Pensacola), Atlanta, Jacksonville, Polk County, Fort Lauderdale, and Chattanooga.
  • Tradeshow booth/Campaign theme – To further Republic’s green efforts, a new tradeshow booth was designed for implementation at conferences throughout the U.S. Particular attention has been given to identifying Republic as the leader in the going green movement.
  • Marketing/Earned media plan – To introduce the new green store Pavlik prepared a media program (earned not paid) to make the public aware of this new service offered.


2010 Hermes Creative Awards International Competition

Platinum Award

Gold Award

2008 Hermes Creative Awards International Competition

Platinum Award

2007 MarCom Awards International Marketing and Communications Competition

Gold Award

  • “Ultimate Pick-up Truck” print advertising campaign on behalf of Allied Waste Services DFW

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