Case Studies

"Recycle It" Campaign

Pavlik and Associates has been involved in all aspects of solid waste management and disposal including recycling and energy conservation initiatives, public relations, community relations and media relations. One of Pavlik’s highest profile projects has been entire series of websites which carry the theme “Recycle It” in their domain names. The strategy of this “Recycle It” campaign was to drive internet users to Republic Services’ core business services by first coming to a general recycling site. Websites were developed for various geographic areas in Republic Services’ South Region, including the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

As part of this general internet marketing campaign, Republic, working with Pavlik, initiated an e-commerce “green store” on the above referenced “Recycle It” pages. The green store showcases up to 22 unique T-shirt designs, all of which were created by the Pavlik team. These copyrighted designs are sold exclusively through Republic’s online green store. Pavlik is responsible for promoting sales through the internet and obtaining earned media to help bolster sales.


Agency Role


Republic continues to lead by example when it comes to recycling and operating within the communities being served.


2010 Hermes Creative Awards International Competition

Platinum Award

Gold Award

2008 Hermes Creative Awards International Competition

Platinum Award

2007 MarCom Awards International Marketing and Communications Competition

Gold Award