Case Studies

December 1980 through Present

In December 1980, founding contributor and charter board chairman Edd Lott retained Linda Pavlik to develop a public relations, education and solicitation program around his concept of a nonprofit foundation to recognize and award excellence on the part of police officers. Working with the legal and accounting team which chartered the nonprofit organization, Pavlik designed a program whereby the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation was funded, criteria for awards were established and a community awareness program was developed for this unique concept which became a model for similar endeavors nationwide.

During the spring of 2010, the Board of Trustees made a strategic decision to embark on a community-wide campaign designed to broaden the Foundation’s ability to support top-notch performance in all aspects of policing.  Pavlik was asked to develop a membership and marketing program to renew support for the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep Fort Worth safe.


Agency Role

Pavlik and Associates developed the outline for the way in which a new campaign could be established and introduced to the citizens of Fort Worth. Graphic designs, brochures and all collateral materials were produced under the agency's supervision. A new logo was created and new colors of gold and black were chosen to carry the contemporized theme. Additionally, in order to accomplish the goals as set out above, Pavlik recommended the Foundation move forward by:


Pavlik brought together key figures from the Fort Worth Police Officers Association and the Fort Worth Police Department which resulted in collaboration and increased partnership. By forging new relationships and building a greater understanding of the Foundation goals among stakeholders, Pavlik strengthened the Foundation’s awareness in the community which allowed for the following to be accomplished.


Foundation Trustees are participating in more community activities and department events than ever before, such as: funding the Traumas of Law Enforcement training; Weekend at the Zoo; the annual Fort Worth Memorial Candlelight Vigil; promotions/merit awards ceremony; a Citizens Appreciation Day sponsored by the Crime Control and Prevention District; the annual awards dinner; and, the annual Code Blue Seminar and Thomas R. Windham award ceremony.

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